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Totseat is the brainchild of Rachel Jones - frustrated with the unhygenic condition or lack of highchairs whilst out dining with her baby girl, Rachel took to dressing normal chairs with her cardigans, stretching the arms as she wrapped them round her daughter to try to secure her to the chair.

After one incredibly frustrating lunch, Rachel returned home and aided by her husband, took a pair of scissors to her wedding dress - the first Totseat cloth chair harness was born!

From a wedding dress to a sheet to over 900 testing experiences on chairs of variable shapes and sizes, this fabulous washable, squashable fabric highchair was developed to its current design.

With safety being the number one priority for Totseat, safety and baby experts up and down the land were involved in their extensive testing process.

The Totseat is designed to fit a huge variety of chair shapes and sizes. It's safe, robust, comfortable and washable. It comes in a range of fun and funky fabrics. 




Fabulously Compact, Squashable, Washable Highchair

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Fabulously Compact, Squashable, Washable Highchair
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