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Mrs M Reviews.. Ergo!

By 20th August 2015

Our daughter Freya outgrew her Moses at only 18 weeks old and at the time, it all seemed to happen rather quickly - as though it went from fine to tight in the space of a few days! We realised pretty quickly that blankets just don’t work in a cot - she kicked them off within minutes and with all that extra space there was nowhere to tuck them down, like we had in her basket.

I had heard so many good things about Ergo I couldn’t wait to buy one for Freya, and a quick look on TMB led us to the 1 Tog ErgoCocoon Swaddle Sleeping Bag. I’m a sucker for anything with ‘bamboo’ in the description, in fact you’d be forgiven for thinking with all the bamboo things in our house (flooring, hair brushes, socks, sporting base layers…) we must have something against pandas.

When I read that this sleeping bag has a layer of bamboo terry towelling on the inside I was completely sold - I already knew how cosy and good at regulating body temperatures this is. This bag has a snugger fit that many others and poppers on the armholes allowing it to be used as a swaddle for younger babies. Although Freya is now old to use the swaddle feature she loves the neater fit which allows her to roll around at night without folds of material gathering underneath her.

Now, the NHS recommend babies sleep in rooms with a temperate of between 18-20 degrees, and suggest that you put more layers on your baby rather than crank up the heating. Freya’s room is generally a bit warmer than that (which we keep an eye on using her BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000) but we still found that on chillier nights our wee ‘cold tattie’ needed a warmer tog to keep her cosy- enter the 2.5 Tog ErgoCocoon Hybrid Swaddle-Sleep bag! The same gorgeous material and features, we can’t fault it and wouldn’t dream of looking elsewhere now.

I know Lou and Nic are always looking for feedback and I just love these bags so much I thought I'd offer our opinion!

Design: How does it look, do you like the style / colour / fabric. Is it practical?

10/10 Looks great, feels beautifully soft and comes in a good selection of colours & patterns. Handy design feature of a covered zip rather than poppers at the top so it can’t easily be ripped open during the night.

Fit For Purpose: Does it do what it says as per the manufacturer description?

10/10 Definitely does what it says on the (very pretty) packaging, very practical.

Ease of Use: How easy did you find this to use according to instructions provided?

10/10 Easy to use and quick to dry after washing. The 2 way zip makes nappy changes easy.

Value for Money: If you had paid the RRP would you be happy with value?

10/10 Happy with the cost of this product-it’s an investment that lasts for many months and when you consider cost per wear over than time is easily worth the money.

Overall: 10/10 Couldn’t fault it.

Would you Recommend: Yes

To find out more or to purchase an Ergo Cocoon Swaddle Click here.

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