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Christmas Shopping For Babies and Toddlers

By 1st December 2014

You know how it is – Christmas is but a countdown away and you’re knee deep in children's lists but have no idea what to buy for the baby or the toddler in your life!  Well fear not! We’ve come up with this handy guide to help you choose from some of our most popular and gorgeous gifts. 

Starting at under £20 we’ve chosen something for every pocket and a slipped in a few great ideas for aunties, grannies and generous friends. Simply send them the link to your favourite gifts or share on social media to drop some heavy hints!

If your little one is anything like ours then they will be lucky enough to receive an endless supply of pressies and that’s why we’ve gone for a great mix of practical and playful.  Let's be honest, Mums want as many clothes as they do toys!

Let us know your own favourites from the #TMBAby site by commenting at the end of the blog.

Happy Christmas (Shopping!)

Lou and Nic xx

Baby and Toddler Gifts Up to £20

Fun, funky handmade leggings £12.50 - £15 - Shop Fred & Noah Here

Fred & Noah'ssuper-cute range of leggings come in fun & funky monster and giraffe designs. They look fab on boys or girls and are loved by all that wear them. A hot favourite with Miss Skye Daisy!

Hand-crocheted Organic Hats - £18-19.50 - Shop Sophia Reynold Here

This gorgeous collection of crocheted hats are made from 100% natural yarn so you will find these wonderful designs are not only beautiful to look at but are soft and comfortable for baby to wear. Each hat is hand-crafted with much care and love, A beautiful gift for Christmas.

Baby and Toddler Gifts £20 - £30

Rukka Rainwear - Anorkas and Dungarees £22.95 each - Shop Rukka Here

Rukka is Finnish designed, colourful, stylish and durable.  The fantastic Rukka Anoraks and Rukka Dungarees come in bright, fun colours that can be matched or co-ordinated to suit your taste. They are soft and easy to wear - a favourite for dressing up to play in the rain!

KidzzFarm Hoppers by Skibz - £25 - Shop Farm Hopper Here

Kids will love these brightly-coloured farmyard animal inflatables that have given the traditional space hopper a fab makeover. The coolest, bounciest toy around!

Beco Mini by Beco Slings - £29 - Shop Beco Mini Here

The Beco MINI baby carrier is an ideal toy for an older sibling with a new baby sister or brother. Perfect for a little one to play at being just like mum and dad with their favourite teddy or dolly. Kids will LOVE these!

Cuddledry Snuggle Towels - £29.99 - Shop Snuggle Towel Here

Your older children will love these dress-up towels in soft luxurious fabric and super fun characters. Ideal for ages 3 - 6, the wonderful range comes in three favourite characters for your child to indulge in: Snuggle Monkey, Snuggle Bunny and Snuggle Bear.

Mini Dolls Pram by Moover - £29.99 - Shop Mini Pram Now

The beautifully crafted Mini Doll's Pram makes an ideal gift for any child. With its stylish and simple design, this miniature pram will engage every child in long-lasting role-play. 

Baby and Toddler Gifts £30 - £50

Cuddledry Toddlers Towels - £34.99 - Shop Toddler Towel Now

Children LOVE to get out of the bath and into their snuggly dress-up towel that comes in a fantastic range of fun Cuddledry Characters - CuddlePony, CuddleBug, CuddleRoar, CuddleSafari, CuddleMoo and the very festive CuddleDeer! These are perfect for toddlers aged about 1 - 3 years.

Winter Sleepsuit by Ergo Pouch - £49.95 - Shop SleepSuit Now

This innovative 3.5 tog Winter Sleepsuit quickly converts from a Sleepsuit with legs to a Sleeping Bag and is perfect for keeping little ones snug on the chilliest of Winter nights. 

Moover Baby Walker - £49.99 - Shop Baby Walker Now

The Moover Baby Walker is the perfect helper for babies learning how to walk. Combining stylish classic and modern design, this Baby Waler will withstand the test of time and boisterous love.

Baby Truck by Moover - £49.99 - Shop Baby Truck Now

The Moover Baby Truck is great fun and familiarises your child with play on wheels in a safe manner. Your child can hang things from the crane, carry toys in the back compartment or place a teddy or doll in the driver's cab. It can also be used as a ride on toy. 

Bupbo Beasties Framed Artwork - £35 - Shop Bubpo Beasties Now

This gorgeous collection of Woodland Creatures and Sea Animals come framed and hand signed by artist Lynne Friel. Made from handmade Japanese Kozo Paper, both you and your little one will love this artwork original for your baby or toddler's room.

Baby and Toddler Gifts £50 - £100

Relax Rainbow by Amazonia - £52 - Shop Amazonia Now

The brightly coloured 'Rainbow Relax’ hanging chair will add instant cheer to a child's bedroom.  Please note, you may need accessories for hanging (from £26).

Wheelybugs - £59.95 - £69.95 - Shop Wheelybugs Now

Wheelybugs have a magical mind of their own - backwards, forwards, sideways, round and round! They can be ridden, pulled, pushed, cuddled and kissed - hours of fun! Their bright design are an instant hit with both boys and girls. Suitable for 1-3 year olds.  

Dump Truck by Moover - £64.99 - Shop Dumptruck Now

The Dump Truck is Moover's flagship vehicle - it is designed with double tyres, giving a strong, non-skid grip enabling children to drive and steer safely. This stylish Dump Truck is made to last and will be well loved from generation to generation.

Dolls Pram by Moover - £69.99 - Shop Doll's Pram Now

Beautifully made with a stylish mix of classic and modern design. Children won’t be able to resist this gorgeous wooden Doll’s Pram. These beautifully made prams will encourage your child to look after their dolls, taking them for walks and keeping them tucked up cosy in the pram. A gorgeous Christmas gift!

Kids Swinger - £69.99 - Shop Kid's Swinger Now

Suspended from the ceiling or a tree in the garden, the colourful Kid's Swinger hanging chair is ideal for reading, listening to music or just relaxing! The Kid's Swinger is small but sooo cool!

Rocking Horse by Moover - £94.99 - Shop Rocking Horse Now

A traditional favourite for all children, the Moover Rocking Horse combines the classic rocking horse with a modern look. This beautifully designed Rocking Horse introduces children to rocking in a safe and fun way.

Bedroom Teepees by Youmi & Teepee - £94.99 - Shop Teepees Now

These gorgeous childrens' bedroom teepees are the modern day equivalent of a Wendy House and here at TMB, we fell in love with them instantly. They will provide hours of fun for children aged 12 months and over and for lovers of fun, happiness and imaginative play, it is the ideal toy. Six designs offering unisex or traditional boys and girls designs.

Hang Mini Swing by Amazonia - £99.99 - Shop Hang Mini Now

Always wanted a wild animal? If so, the superb animal design of the Hang Mini will be right up your street! Exclusively in a children's size, the Hang Mini Giraffe and Zebra swings and rocks in any direction. It's just the ticket for our little explorers!

Baby and Toddler Gifts £100+

Prairie Wagon by Moover - £109.99 - Shop Prairie Wagon Now

Moover's Prairie Wagon is beautifully designed with historical influences, guaranteeing hours of old fashioned fun! Whether pulled along piled-high with toys or used as a ride-on, this classic design can be used indoors or outdoors in dry weather. 

Of course, we also have fantastic gifts from high chairs to rockers, swaddles to monitors and the full range can be found by clicking onto our home page and surfing from there!

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