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About TMB

Thoroughly Modern Baby is owned and run by two lifelong friends living at opposite ends of the UK. Louise lives in London with her husband and baby daughter, Skye Daisy and Nicola lives in their home town of Perth and has a grown-up son, Cain, who is now at university. 

How does this make for an online baby business you might ask?! 

Its simple. Regardless of where you live, what you do and how your family works, babies and toddlers require the same love, attention and devotion.  The only difference we can find is that in our fast-paced, modern lives we have more demands than our own mothers did and, thankfully, more fantastic solutions on offer.

We created Thoroughly Modern Baby so that mums and dads and grans and grandads could find wonderfully innovative products that were stylish (we LOVE stylish!), practical (someone needs to be) and above all easy-to-use.

It started with an obsessional level love for Cuddledry's Apron towel - Louise has purchased dozens of these as gifts for newborns - and moved onto rock-a-thigh socks, big muslin squares and the fantastic Noah High Chair. We couldn't get enough.... and we couldn't find anywhere that you could buy all of these wonderful products together. One basket, one click, one easy lunch hour transaction... or 10 minutes on the sofa with a cuppa.... or sitting in the park wondering how to keep those little legs warm as the sun disappears behind a cloud! 

We researched, we planned and we had an amazing trip to Harrogate where we found so many more wonderful products that would fit with our vision of a beautiful big website filled with innovative products that would make parents lives easier and baby's life happier. 

We'd love your feedback, your thoughts and any ideas for products that you think would suit this mother of a masterplan!

Looby Lou and Nic XX

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